All Your Visual Field and Pre-Testing Needs – in one device

Ease of Use

Our unique interface allows for practitioners and technicians to easily administer pre-tests.

Patient Satisfaction

Innovative design enables more comfortable testing in nearly any setting.

Small Footprint

Utilizes less energy than standard equipment and a fraction of the space

What is THEIA?

THEIA is a pre-testing tool capable of performing the following tests:

Screening Visual Fields

EOM/Cover Testing

Pupil Testing

Color Vision Testing

VA Testing

Anterior Segment Imaging

Stereopsis Testing


THEIA’s utlizes the power of VR to provide a revolutionary device. Highlights of THEIA:

Easily adaptable


Small footprint

Innovative Design

Excellent Utility for Disabled & Elderly Patients

No Monthly Fees + Affordable Pricing

Questions about THEIA and how it can support your practice?

With THEIA, you will find all Your Visual Field and Pre-Testing needs – in one device, creating an ideal instrument for optometry and ophthalmology.

THEIA is set to launch in Q2 of 2021. Stay Tuned!

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